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Man at computer working

Auction Registration Process


Participant Agreement-Version 2.0 (PDF 55 KB)

Registration Instructions:

拍卖参与者可以下载《pg电子游戏下载》,并将完整的协议(包括附件A:参与者联系信息和附件B: OATI NDA*)提交给南方公司服务风险控制部门,从而开始注册流程.

By mail:

Southern Company Services 
600 North 18th St. 
Bin GS-8164
Birmingham, AL 35203-2206
Attention: Paul Hughes

Questions should be directed to the IAA:

Primary Auction Administration Contact Info 
TranServ International, Inc. 
24x7 Support: (763)-205-7099 

Once these documents are in place, 竞投参加者将获发一个用户ID及临时密码,让竞投管理员登入竞投网站及设立其他用户.


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